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On The Water

Each of Bemidji’s waterways - from lake to river, pond to bog - brings a distinctive personality to the area, as well as park water programs to educate and entertain. Bemidji area lakes also provide habitat for a variety of wildlife including beavers, muskrats, trumpeter swans, mallards, blue herons, wood ducks, Canadian geese, eagles, and the state bird – the loon. With Lake Bemidji as a central location for the area, there are plenty of unique lake activities and events to join in on as well, from the Lake Bemidji Dragon Boat Festival in the summer to sled dog races in the winter.


The Bemidji area is a year-round destination for fishing walleye, bass, muskie, perch, crappies, pan fish & trout.



Travel the route of the Ojibwe Indians and the early explorers as you paddle through marshes and intimate pine-lined corridors.

Boat, Canoe & Kayak

boat tours state parks Bemidji

Weekly naturalist-led pontoon tours of Lake Bemidji are available during the summer season at Lake Bemidji State Park.

Boat Tours


The annual Lake Bemidji Dragon Boat Festival features four days of summer fun for the entire family.

Dragon Boat Festival Event

lake Bemidji and surrounding lakes

Rimming the shore of Lake Bemidji is downtown Bemidji, greeting all with an unmatched, sparkling welcome.

Lake Bemidji & Surrounding Lakes

swimming beaches Bemidji region

Lake Bemidji has been distinguished by Conde Nast Traveler as “one of America’s top 100 swimming holes” citing water quality and cleanliness as top attributes.

Swimming Beaches

Mississippi headwaters itasca state park

The world’s third longest river begins its run to the Gulf of Mexico from Itasca State Park, with Bemidji distinguished as the First City on the river’s historic 2,384 mile journey.

Mississippi Headwaters