Known as "The Nordic Festival of the North," the Finlandia is a premier North American cross-country ski event that has been held in Bemidji since 1982. The race, originally a part of the USSA's Great American Ski Chase for nineteen years, is also a part of the Minnesota Skinnyski Series, where it was voted "Best Course"and "Best Overall Event" by skiers of this series. It is also truly an international event, attracting citizen and elite skiers from around the world. Originally held at the Movil Maze trails, the race was moved to the scenic and challenging trails that crisscross the Continental Divide at Buena Vista ever since. Events for this February weekend include the Buena Vista Classic 25km, 25k Pursuit, Minnesota Finlandia 50km, 25k Bemidjithon, and the1st National Bank Northwoods 10k Tour. This world class ski event is open to everyone and features spaghetti feeds, award ceremony, ski-centered activities and more.

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