Discover Safe Ways to Enjoy Bemidji

Bemidji offers a multitude of amenities you and your family can enjoy while maintaining social distancing. Our business community is committed to providing safe opportunities for shopping and dining, while still experiencing the excellent customer service and unique flavor Bemidji is known for. With access to many State Parks and trails, there are a variety of ways you enjoy a Northwoods adventure.

Safety Tips While Traveling

Check out these safety guidelines for traveling throughout Minnesota.

Outdoor Opportunities

Disc Golf

Dog Park



Spend some time at the local Disc Golf course. Keep your safe distance while getting fresh air and some exercise.

Take your dog to the dog park in Nymore. Get them some exercise, while you enjoy the outdoors and time with your furry best friend.

Never heard of Pickleball? Learn how to play while being safe at the same time. You will find the game fun while getting some exercise.

Hit the lake and catch some fish! There are many ways you can enjoy fishing while staying safe.

Lodging Options - Committed to Safety

Ruttger's Birchmont Lodge

Ruttger's Birchmont Lodge is one of our many lodging facilities that is taking extra steps to ensure your safety so you can enjoy your stay with peace of mind.  Take a look at how they are staying safe as well as the amenities they currently have available.

Other Ways You Can Stay Safe

Get Outside

Some ways to get outside could be as simple as taking a walk through town, or through a park.

Household Projects

Do you have a project you just don't have time to do? Now would be a great time to work on that special project.

New Hobby

Now is the time to start a new hobby. This could be anything you could possibly imagine.