Bemidji, The First City on the Mississippi, Minnesota USA - 

 - where the mighty river begins its 2.552 mile journey to rendezvous with the famed city of New Orleans.  
Legend has it that those who step across the Mississippi River at its source will live a long and 
fruitful life and that great riches will come to them....
Visit Bemidji and you will see for yourself the truth behind the legend.  For Bemidji truly is rich...
rich in beautiful scenery, abundant recreations, spirited people, inspiring arts and enchanting culture.

While the statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox are at the top of every visitor's Attraction List,

the variety of things to do and see in the Bemidji area is as diverse as the culture and seasons.  

There is truly 'something for everyone' to experience Bemidji's northwoods, all year around.

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Visit Bemidji
P.O. Box 66 - Bemidji, Minnesota 56619
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